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Welcome Homn.

We believe in the attainability and accessibility of art. We believe in artists, and we think that they should be able to make a living from their craft. We believe in helping their work be seen and owned.

HOMN collaborates with emerging and contemporary artists to create numbered, limited edition prints and original works at inclusive price points.

Unlike in the traditional gallery model, our artists receive the majority of the revenue from the sale of their pieces. And more of us get the opportunity to become collectors.

We believe in taking art, but not ourselves, seriously.

Our Founder

After decades of working with artists, Dennis Healy founded HOMN to evolve the traditional gallery model.

His passion for the arts began at a young age, and led him to work with creative departments at companies such as Burton Snowboards, New Balance, Ben & Jerry’s, and Fender Guitars. He has been fortunate to work closely with some of the most respected contemporary artists, musicians and brands in the world. HOMN is an extension of his relationships with these artists.  

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